Top 10 Gourmet Food Franchises

  • Sofi’s Crepes in Baltimore’s Station North to close after 20 years – CBS Baltimore (
  • [Baltimore Sun] The original Sofi’s Crepes will close this spring in Station North – The Baltimore Post
  • WJZ Morning at 9 with Sofi’s Crepes”
  • Chicago Tribune “What Crepes are you craving at Sofi’s?”
  • Dining out: Capital Gazette Review of Sofi’s Crepes Severna Park
  • Sofi’s Crepes reopens in Fells Point!
  • Bacon Brothers Eat “Kevin Bacon” Crepes for Good Causes
    When Sofi’s Crepes in Annapolis offered a 100% donation for every “KEVIN BACON” Crepe purchase during the Bacon Brothers stop in Annapolis, Kevin Bacon dropped in to check them out.
  • Kevin Bacon’s visit featured in the Baltimore Sun
    Kevin Bacon eats a ‘Kevin Bacon’ in Annapolis; jams on yacht.
  • Crepe making demonstration on WBAL TV
    Ann Costlow on Sunday Brunch WBAL TV 11.
  • Winner, 2012 Smart CEO Brava! Award
  • Baltimore Sun: The Women of Baltimore’s Dining Scene in Pictures
    “For Women’s History Month, we salute the women who have made Baltimore a better place to dine and live.”
    – Richard Gorelick
  • WBAL Profile: Sofi’s Crepes
  • Sofi’s Crepes to open at Senator Theater
  • Sofi’s Crepes To Expand Through Franchising
    Walking down the street, you notice a group gathered at a window shop. You pause to see what the commotion is and through the window see a machine creating mouthwatering crepes. The delicious smell grabs you by the hand and leads you into the shop to indulge your sweet tooth. Although it may feel like Paris, you’re actually in Baltimore.
  • Baltimore Metromix: Second Time’s a Charm for Creperie
    Gone are the blue-haired line cooks of the Women’s Industrial Exchange luncheonette. Actually, they’ve been gone a long time. The space the lunch counter occupied—vacant for a decade—clanks and sizzles like a restaurant ought to once again, this time with a team of far younger girls and more exotic fare.)
  • Baltimore Sun review, January 24, 2007
    This delicious crepe, $7.35, came folded into a triangle and wrapped in a thin foil, which made eating on the go easy. It was filled with rich cheddar cheese, some egg and spinach. The spinach leaves were cooked for less time than with the other crepes, which made them slightly crunchier – a plus, if you ask us. Even though there was a line, the order was ready in only five minutes. We were big fans)
  • Winner, City Paper Best of Baltimore!
    Eats and Drinks Winners
    Best Place to Eat Alone
    First of all, Sofi’s is named after a dog. If single people can’t relate to that, we don’t know who can. Secondly? Sofi’s is a petite place, although newly renovated to supply more than just takeout, so the urge to spend long hours canoodling with a date is suppressed. Instead, Sofi’s gives solo diners the opportunity to perch at a small bar facing Charles Street. And with yummy crêpe creations—like Sofi’s Suzette, with Gran Marnier and marmalade, or the Kevin Bacon, a turkey, bacon, cheese, and tomato treat the actor himself vouches for—you’ll be satisfied. Finally, Sofi’s wraps each crêpe in a neat to-go package, so if the romantic French décor gets the best of you, and you happen to see Mr. or Ms. Right storming out of a bad date at the neighboring Charles Theatre, you can chase that sexy beast down—without a drippy string of Gruyère on your chin)
    Click here for pdf of Baltimore Examiner review
  • Sofi’s Crepes expands
    Table Talk
    By Sloane Brown
    Special to the Sun
    March 29, 2006
    A local North Charles Street favorite has just added a little wiggle room. You’ll actually be able to sit down and enjoy your order at Sofi’s Crepes.Owner/chef Ann Costlow says she’s expanded the creperie to include a small area for seating. The 20-foot-by-8-foot area – previously storage space for the Everyman Theatre next door – offers a window-front view of Charles Street. Costlow describes it as “very New York.” There is a sparkly sylestone counter along the window, with about eight stools. A banquette sits just behind, which can seat another 10 folks.Adding more sparkle to the space are a glittery vinyl floor and a rotating exhibit of artwork that will come courtesy of the Schuler School of Fine Arts at Maryland Institute College of Art and the Creative Alliance.Costlow says one thing that hasn’t changed is the menu. It still offers sweet and savory crepes – about a dozen of each – in prices that range from $4 to $8.To celebrate the “new and improved” Sofi’s, Costlow is throwing a grand-opening celebration at 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Baltimore zydeco band the Crawdaddies will perform.Otherwise, you’ll find Sofi’s Crepes open from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday. Sofi’s, 410-727-7732, is at 1723 N. Charles St.
  • Winner, Baltimore Magazine’s Best Movie Food!
    “When Sofi’s Crepes first opened, we thought, ‘The only thing better than having a little stand making wonderful, fluffy, handheld crepes right next to the Charles Theatre would be if the Charles would let us take them into the movie.’ And then the Charles went ahead and did just that, and we’ve been pretty much delirious with pleasure ever since.”

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  • Baltimore Jewish Times
    Sofi’s Crepes, 1723 Charles St., is as petite and skinny as a stylish Parisienne. The dining room, 20 feet long by 8 feet wide, has window-view seating for eight or 10 diners, as well as a sit-down banquette. Owner Ann Costlow estimates that 25 people might be able to fit into the room if everybody squeezes.
    April 14, 2006
  • Baltimore City Paper
    The savory selections are good, and a nice change of pace from the usual sandwich shops, but Nutella smeared on a warm crêpe is a thing of the gods.
    April 7, 2004
  • The Baltimore Sun
    New shops and restaurants are adding vitality and jobs to the Charles Street corridor.
    June 4, 2004
  • Sofi’s Crepes featured in the Baltimore Jewish Times
    Batter up!
  • Click here to see some famous folks enjoying Sofi’s Crepes!
  • Sofis Crepes – Expanding to Owings Mills!
  • Watching your wallet? The Baltimore Sun says Sofi’s Crepes tops their list for affordable fare! read more…
    November 6, 2008
  • The Greyhound, The Student Newspaper of Loyola College:
    I discovered Sofi’s Crepes two weeks ago, and I’ve been there three times since. That’s how good it is.
    April 20, 2004
  • The Current, The University of Baltimore Faculty and Staff Newsletter
    Tucked between the EveryMan and Charles theatres, just two blocks from campus, is a little bit of France waiting to satisfy your appetite.
    September 2004
  • AOL City Guide, Baltimore
    Popcorn and Junior Mints may never be supplanted as America’s favorite movie food, but cinephiles catching a flick at The Charles or theatre-goers getting their stage fix at Everyman Theatre have an intriguing new dining option.
  • Kevin Bacon visiting Sofi’s Crepes in Annapolis:

    Kevin Bacon Eating a "Kevin Bacon" Kevin Bacon Likes Crepes

  • Sofi’s Crepes, where the rich and famous dine:

    Nicole Kidman enjoying a Cinnamon & Sugar Sofi’s Crepe while working on her movie in Baltimore.

  • Nicole Kidman Likes Crepes
  • John Waters Likes Crepes

    John Waters at Sofi’s for the 2006 Maryland Film Festival.

  • Catering and Event for Ethel Kennedy
  • Ethel
  • Even Ted Nugent loves Sofi’s Crepes!
  • Governor Martin O’Malley in for a Visit
  • Martin Omalley
  • Matthew Modine and Jed Dietz Enjoying their Crepes at the Film Festival
  • Modine
  • Cal Ripken at Sofi’s Severna Park with Abby Larken, owner of the shop!
  •                                                                            cal Ripken at Sofi's